growth groups

Chuck & Patty Hahn

Hahn Growth Group

Thursdays @ 7:00 pm


LOCATION: We will be meeting at the Hahn’s home in Hanover.

DETAILS: This group is open to all ages. All are welcome! Our group enjoys digging into both a page full of scripture and a table full of Patty’s snacks. There’s a lot of discussion before, during, and after the study time.

TOPIC: Paul wrote 1 Corinthians to a church that was intellectually sharp, financially blessed, and spiritually gifted in the midst of a hedonistic culture. However, the church was fractured by pride, which skewed their understanding of the gospel and undermined their testimony. The church in 1st century Corinth sounds a lot like the church in 21st century America. It would be nice if the culture around us changed, but it is imperative that the baby Christian within us changes and matures into an agent of unity for the church. We’ll use a study written by Jay Thomas and edited by J. I. Packer. We expect to learn how to exalt Christ in our personal lives and promote unity in our church.

(This Group is Full for This Session)