growth groups

Chandra Smith

Women’s Growth Group with Chandra Smith

Thursdays @ 6:00 p.m.


LOCATION: We will be meeting at Chandra’s home in Littlestown.

DETAILS: We are a small but mighty group of women studying, learning, praying and growing together. Every week we are blessed to be together and share our lives. We meet in person at Chandra’s house, unless winter weather keeps us home in which case we will meet via Zoom. Any age is welcome! This group has openings.

TOPIC: In the winter session we will use the Bible study, Ten Women of the Bible, by Max Lucado. Do you ever feel like a second-class citizen in this world? Do you wonder how God could possibly use you to change lives? For women in Bible times, these weren’t even questions they thought about. Being overlooked, marginalized, having your contributions discounted because you’re a woman is just the way things were. In this 10-lesson workbook, Max Lucado tells some of his favorite accounts of women in Scripture and the remarkable way God broke down cultural barriers to use them in the unfolding of His story. These stories show us there is a God who sees us where we are and loves us for who we are. He is the one who hovers over all the pages of the Bible, shaping lives, rescuing hearts, healing sicknesses, raising what was dead to life, and passing out high callings to those who choose to follow him and have faith in him. The book is available at and the cost is $12.99.